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At Imazaki Dojo each class begins and ends with meditation. It is during this meditation that the student learns to clear the mind of the trials and tribulations of everyday life and focus on karate training. With meditation,concentration can be heightened and one can devote his or her full energy to the class.


Stretching is an essential component of any physical exercise; done to prevent injuries and to improve karate technique. Stretching is done at the beginning and end of each class. It is also encouraged that students stretch on a daily basis when not attending class.

Kihon geiko

This is Kihon Geiko put in motion. Students learn to bring together the footwork and striking techniques learned from basics.


This term refers to karate forms; sequences of movements that help the student combine various karate techniques. Kata help the student acquire body control, teaching the student movements that change body speed from fast to slow and slow to fast. Knowing when to use strength, when to relax, timing, when to execute the proper technique and breathing to control strength and stamina. Katas are also practice with the “tonfa” an ancient martial arts fighting stick.

Mitt training

Here karate techniques are put into actual practice. The student develops speed, strength and stamina by using a variety of striking techniques that target the “mitts”.

Yakusoku kumite

This term refers to the practicing of prearranged fighting techniques. One student might attack while the other blocks, or there might be an exchange of attacks and defenses. In Yakusoku Kumite, each student knows what he or she will do and what his or her partner will do.


Here students practice sparring and learn how to fight and defend themselves. In kumite, students get the chance to create their own combinations or techniques and develop their own style of fighting. Fighting is controlled.

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